The International Hackathon takes place in Prague from March 3rd to 5th, 2020.


Hackathon addresses IT experts, data analysts, graphical artists, and auditors from supreme audit institutions /SAIs/ associated in the EUROSAI.

Goal of the Hackathon

The International Hackathon event aims at finding solutions, i.e. an application or a visualization, in order to improve the effectiveness of processes carried out within SAIs while saving costs, to simplify auditors' works, for example when identifying priority areas, and to reduce the administrative burden. Finally, new tools for international comparisons of audit outcomes should be created.

Data sets

All these products should be created through the use of data sets provided by individual audit institutions, which will participate at the hackathon. The accessible data will also include those publicly available in the EUROSAI countries, supplied by national statistical offices, as well as by the other institutions e.g. EUROSTAT. For the event purposes, participants may be also provided with so-called simulated data sets about audits, which do not reflect actually performed audits, but are thematically related to audited areas.






Supreme Audit Office, Jankovcova 1518/2, Prague, Czech Republic